Hi, i am Natalie Ewens the owner of Natalie Ewens Hair.

When reading through this page you will come across  how i ended up in this industry, where and when i started my career, what made me take the plunge to start out on my own and how i have grown my business to be successful that i had the earge to expand.

At the age of 14 i attended the famous Q Hair and Beauty in Chichester after school from 4pm-6pm learning the basics of hairdressing, how to shampoo correctly, give the perfect head massage, how to apply basic colours and the standard straight line one length cut.

After my mum told me i had to get myself a Saturday job i had the delight of Q offering this to me. Every Saturday i was washing heads of hair one after another, making endless cups of tea and coffee, sweeping tons of hair away a day but yet i was having the time of my life.

As soon as it was time to leave school at the age of 16 i took the opportunity of starting an apprenticeship full time. I had the pleasure of the one and only Anthony Barnes-Smith owner of Q Hair and Beauty teach me the correct ways of hairdressing. That moment when your first client walks into the salon and you get the sweaty palms, the ‘i don’t want to do it’ running through your mind and the constant turning of the head looking for one of the other girls to take your place as the nerves take over but i wouldn’t ever look back i absolutely love my job and what i do. I mean who wouldn’t enjoy chatting all day and making people feel a million dollars.

After working in various salons around Chichester picking up different techniques and ideas to add to my skill set. I craved being my own boss so in March 2015 i took the plunge and set up my own little unique salon in a downstairs spare room at my parents house and my god what a time i have had. My business has gone from strength to strength and i cant thank my loyal clients enough. I pride myself on giving a very professional, luxury service at an affordable price.

I have always dreamt of being a salon owner so i took the opportunity when i set my eyes on the perfect shop in an amazing location in Chichester. I cant wait to bring a luxury salon to the area with affordable prices and an amazing team to follow.